Campaign Co-Chairs

We are thrilled to have three experienced co-chairs on board, all long-standing and committed members of the Hillside:

  • Peter Dunn

    “For me, the Hillside is a family tradition and my home away from home. There are currently three generations of Dunn’s who are members. For all of us who have seen our children and grandchildren grow up at the Club, I am sure you’ll agree that we want the Club to thrive, so it can continue to be a blissful oasis for our grandchildren’s children!”
  • Anthony Layton

    “Pam’s and my attachment to the Hillside is profound. As past president, I agreed to become a co-chair of the Capital Campaign as I truly believe that not only is the project necessary, it is exciting! Once completed, the enhancements will benefit all members.”
  • Maryse Rouillard

    “The Hillside is a gem – the moment you step through the gate, you know you’ve entered into a special and unique place. But just like a gem, it must be cared for. That time is now. I ask you all to support our Club to ensure that this gem remains shining and bright.”

Our Fundraising Committee

Led by William Daly, our Campaign co-chairs are backed by an outstanding group of fundraising committee members and canvassers who wholeheartedly volunteer their time and support towards the project. Working tirelessly, the team has been securing pledges from members seeking to make an extra-ordinary contribution. To date, large financial commitments have been made by leaders and strategic donors who are enthusiastic about the project.

Please let us know if you are interested in joining the canvassing committee.

  • Susan Chadwick

  • William Daly

  • Gael Fraser-Tytler

  • Mary Anne Ferguson

  • Jawaid Khan

  • Susan Khan

  • Francois Leblanc

  • Gwen Nacos

  • Charles Porteous

Our Supporting Cast

  • Adrian Dunn

  • Jonathan Goldbloom and Associates

  • Geoff Harling

  • Jasmin Uhthoff