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Capital Campaign Progress
Goal : $750,000


Support your Club!

At the November 27 board meeting, the Hillside Board of Directors voted unanimously in favour to authorize the construction and funding of the Facility Enhancement Project. Prior to the vote, the Board carefully considered feedback received both during the special meeting of members held on November 1 discussing the project and via written submission thereafter. Each member comment received was thoroughly reviewed and considered prior to the Board vote. Where feasible, suggestions provided will be incorporated in either final design plans or the financial plan. Thank you to all who took the time to share concerns.

What happens next?

Now that the go-ahead has been given by the Board, specific activities will be initiated to enable the first phase of construction to commence this winter and the larger phase of construction to start at the close of the upcoming tennis season in October. There will be no significant interruption to Club operations this coming season.

Of note, a key activity includes the start of the collection of funds both from members who have already pledged to the capital campaign and from those remaining members, who, by default, have elected to be billed via specified contribution.

Collection of specified contributions and capital campaign donations

All members will receive a notice of either the amount of their specified contribution or of their promised pledge to the capital campaign which will be due 30 days thereafter. For those of you paying the specified contribution, your notice includes further details pertaining to terms, conditions and obligations of the Club associated with this extraordinary collection of funds which can be found here.

In summary, the assessed amount payable is equal to one time the annual dues for your specific membership category which may be paid over three years (2018-2020). The assessed amount is based on each member’s category and status as at November 30, 2018 and will be charged to your credit card on file unless otherwise specified. Please advise Jennifer Chappell if you prefer to use another payment method before January 10, 2019.

If you have voluntarily pledged an amount larger than the specified contribution, you are exempt from paying the specified contribution but will now be asked to honour your pledge commitment. A letter to each donor will be sent shortly. The first installment will be due in January 2019; while payment can be made either by credit card or cheque, please note that cheque is the preferred option.

The option to pay the full amount now (rather than over three years), whether it be the specified contribution or a pledge amount, is, of course, welcome and very much appreciated.

All funds collected will be directed to a dedicated bank account for the project (i.e. not for regular Club operations) and will be used solely for the purpose of the project realization as outlined to members on November 1.

Not too late to donate to the capital campaign!

The capital campaign is still ongoing and donations from all members are welcomed. Every pledge made by a member above their specified contribution amount will enable the Club to minimize bank financing and pay debt sooner. To make a donation, please contact Jennifer Chappell.

Here are the highlights of the key points presented at the November 1 Special Meeting:

  • Over $750,000 has been raised by voluntary contributions;
  • Project plans have been successfully modified to execute the project more efficiently: total cost of the improvements will be in the neighbourhood of $1.4 million versus the original cost estimate of $1.8 million;
  • While the size of the overall expansion has been reduced, the integrity of the project has been maintained and all the project’s objectives outlined since the beginning will be met;
  • A modified project limits our debt and the financial burden on the Club, thus showing prudence;
  • Long-term financing will be provided by a Canadian Chartered Bank; plan is to borrow $250,000 for a 15-year term;
  • The remainder of the monies will be provided by specified member contributions equal to one year of dues spread over three years (starting December 15, 2018 and ending in 2020). This will provide $400,000; and
  • 100% of members will contribute financially to the project either through a pledge to the capital campaign or specific contributions.

Please view an abridged version of the PowerPoint presentation here >> given at the meeting on November 1st by Charles Porteous and Francois Leblanc.

To view for information about the member specified contribution, please click here.

Minutes of the meeting can be viewed here.

Project History and Realizations

Project timeline 2018-2020

November 27, 2018: Board of Directors voted unanimously in favour to authorize the construction and funding for Project in 2019

December 2018: Collection of funds from members (1st of 3 annual payments) – due 30 days after receipt of notice

Q4 2018 – Q1 2019: City review of updated building plans & Finalization of detailed engineering plans

Early Spring 2019: Construction phase 1: Re-decking of outside formal dining area and awning

June 2019: Request for Proposal (RFP) and final selection of contractor

October 1, 2019: Construction phase 2 starts

May 1, 2020 (in time for opening cocktail): Final delivery!!!!

November 1, 2018

  • A special meeting was held to provide all members a final and open forum to ask questions and provide comments on plans for the Facilities Enhancement Project prior to a Board of Directors’ vote at the end of November to authorize construction. A link to the presentation is embedded in the text on the home page.

July 2018

$650,000 fundraising reached and the City of Montreal approves planning for construction!

Hitting these two milestones means the project moves forward and will be presented for membership approval by the close of this season.

June 2018

Green light objective

is to reach our stretch goal of $650,000. Reaching this milestone along with securing City approval for our project, which is expected by the end of June, is critical in order to advance the project towards final approval by members.

Rezoning process underway

as required by the City of Montreal to change the designated use of land behind the Clubhouse, thanks to some committed members who have pledged to personally fund the expenses (approximately $20k).

A Capital Campaign Team

is formed to reach out to members. Financial commitments from donors have started!

Information sessions

Over 200 members attend information sessions to learn
about the project and provide feedback.

Montreal Urban Planning Dept.

provides guidance that Hillside can expand in the back of the Clubhouse subject to zoning changes.

Blouin Tardif

a leading architectural firm specializing in heritage properties is selected and prepares site plans.

A professional consultant’s study

recommends ways to optimize and better utilize space to alleviate bottleneck areas while preserving Hillside’s architectural and social fabric.

Membership survey

Feedback from membership survey provides impetus for updating our facilities to ensure the Club’s future prosperity.