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Capital Campaign Progress
Goal : $750,000


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This past September, the Facilities Enhancement Project (FEP) announced the decision to postpone the majority of the renovation project until the fall of 2020. Despite an extensive bid process undertaken during the summer, we weren’t in a position to select a suitable builder.

Normally, our relatively small, but still complex project would be successfully tendered, but due to Montreal’s booming construction market, we are not in normal times. The result is that the selected potential builders were either not able to submit a bid or were forced to charge a premium due to the unavailability of subcontractors.

On a positive note, this will allow us time to reengineer our bid process to adjust to today’s market conditions, and thus ensure that the selected contractor can achieve our budget goals and that the financial interests of the Club and your financial contributions are best served.

We want to reassure all members that the Board, the Club management and FEP committee are still 100% committed and remain confident for a complete and successful outcome. Be assured that all pledges and contributions received to date are held in a separate account and segregated from the Club’s operations.

Project History and Realizations

City officially authorizes construction

City officially authorizes construction

On July 22, 2019, City of Montreal gives go ahead to renovate Clubhouse as per plans submitted.

Project timeline 2018-2021

November 27, 2018: Board of Directors voted unanimously in favour to authorize the construction and funding for Project in 2019

December 2018: Collection of funds from members (1st of 3 annual payments) – due 30 days after receipt of notice

Jan – July 2019: City review of updated building plans & Finalization of detailed engineering plans

Early Spring 2019: Construction phase 1: Re-decking of outside formal dining area

July – Dec 2019: Request for Proposal (RFP) and final selection of contractor

October 1, 2020: Construction phase 2 starts

May 1, 2021 (in time for opening cocktail): Final delivery!!!!

November 1, 2018

  • A special meeting was held to provide all members a final and open forum to ask questions and provide comments on plans for the Facilities Enhancement Project prior to a Board of Directors’ vote at the end of November to authorize construction. A link to the presentation is embedded in the text on the home page.

July 2018

$650,000 fundraising reached and the City of Montreal approves planning for construction!

Hitting these two milestones means the project moves forward and will be presented for membership approval by the close of this season.

June 2018

Green light objective

is to reach our stretch goal of $650,000. Reaching this milestone along with securing City approval for our project, which is expected by the end of June, is critical in order to advance the project towards final approval by members.

Rezoning process underway

as required by the City of Montreal to change the designated use of land behind the Clubhouse, thanks to some committed members who have pledged to personally fund the expenses (approximately $20k).

A Capital Campaign Team

is formed to reach out to members. Financial commitments from donors have started!

Information sessions

Over 200 members attend information sessions to learn
about the project and provide feedback.

Montreal Urban Planning Dept.

provides guidance that Hillside can expand in the back of the Clubhouse subject to zoning changes.

Blouin Tardif

a leading architectural firm specializing in heritage properties is selected and prepares site plans.

A professional consultant’s study

recommends ways to optimize and better utilize space to alleviate bottleneck areas while preserving Hillside’s architectural and social fabric.

Membership survey

Feedback from membership survey provides impetus for updating our facilities to ensure the Club’s future prosperity.